Stamina Rubber Mats 4′ x 6′ x 3/8″


Our Stamina 4’x6’x3/8″ Rubber Mats are 100% recycled vulcanized flooring designed to withstand the most demanding applications. And it is non-porous – so it won’t absorb water, sweat, or anything else that you don’t want soaking into your floor!

Colors: 100 Black 110 Black with Red speckle 120 Black with Grey speckle 130 Black with Blue speckle 190 Black with Earth speckle

Smooth top, textured bottom

These mats come with either Straight Edge Mats or Interlocking Mats. Contact us today for more details!

PLEASE NOTE:  These are custom order only and a shipping fee will be added to final cost.