Tight Grip Rubber Flooring Adhesive 4 Gallon


Tight Grip Rubber flooring adhesive is a single-component,solvent-free, polyurethane adhesive formulated to bond Rubber Floors & More recycled rubber flooring to a variety of subtrates. Tight Grip has excellent initial green grab and develops a permanent bond while flexible. It is suitable for the installation of all recycled rubber flooring.


  • Spread rate 85 – 100 sq. ft. per gallon using a 1/16″ square notched trowel

Approved Subfloors:

  • Concrete
  • APA- or PS1-95-rated plywood
  • Underlayment-grade-oriented strand board (lightly sanded)
  • Radiant-heated slabs
  • Vinyl composition tile (well bonded and free of wax)
  • Acoustic cork underlayment
  • Primed gypsum underlayment
  • Terrazzo that are free is wax/sealers

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